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Thank you for selecting our website.  We pride ourselves in providing quality products with outstanding service.  Our phones are answered by a real person.  We may not have the answer you seek on the tip of our tongue but we will get an answer to you quickly. 

Whether your interest is in instrumentation, process, pneumatics or hydraulics we will endeavor to meet your needs.

SALCON is a distributor of valves, fittings, controls and related process equipment. Though we supply many customers with off the shelf items we specialize in providing answers to application problems. Helping you select the right product to best fit your technical, quality and budgeting parameters is our main focus.

Our website is currently in a developmental stage so please feel free to call us with any questions. When updated the "interchange" and "application worksheet" sections will put some of the tools we use to select products at your fingertips. Our products page, though not finalized, lists our product offering and major brands represented.


Our Global Reach

  • As the global economy becomes a part of our everyday lives we are being required to work in new ways, using new standards and responding to new challenges.
  • Salcon has both customers and vendors in other nations.  We are familiar with and meet many of the new European Community standards.  Are you being required to meet ATEX electrical standards or 3.1B standards including the Pressure Equipment Directive.  Give us a call, maybe we can help.  We can provide you the products and documentation you need.


  • We represent many of the major valve companies in the world.  This past year we have sold products from Australia, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands,  Mexico, The United Kingdom, China and Taiwan.  We can find the BEST product to meet your needs.
  • A servant's attitude!  We are in business to serve the customer.  To meet your needs and to give suggestions to improve your operations.  We never forget that we are a SALES organization.  You are the reason for our existence.

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